​Public Relations & Media Affairs Department


Public Relations & Media Affairs Department (PRMA) considers the mirror to present the image of Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Hospital as well as the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs which concentrate to highlights the hospital’s achievements as they are the authorized department to present PMBAH internally and externally. Moreover, the main goals of Public Relations & Media Affairs is to contain different areas starting from strengthening the Social Relations in work environment ending with creating a new relations between the hospital and other government and private departments with maintaining the quality of the results.

The department partitioned into two sections:

Public Relations Services:

  • Build relations with the external community.
  • The supervision of the VIP visitation programs.
  • Prepare and organize conferences, courses, lectures, social celebrations and other events:
    • Gets the licenses and approvals.
    • Guests invitations and accommodations.
    • Prepare the event’s program.
    • Organize the event’s program.
    • Prepare the event’s location.
    • Media Affairs Services.
  • VIP Hotel Reservations.
  • Preparing Reports.
  • Relations with Al Madinah’s VIP community.
  • Executive Public Relations Services.

Media Affairs Services:

  • Media Coverage.
  • Photography Services.
  • Videography Services.
  • Recording Services.
  • Audio-visual production services.
  • TV programs production.
  • Review and approval of all media materials that issued by all PMBAH Departments.
  • Designing Services.
  • Printing Services.
  • Providing the specialist to participate in deferent media programs.
  • Periodic Newsletter.
  • Press Presenter.

Public Relations & Media Affairs Major Achievements:

  • Achieved the 1st place in “Bonyan 6  - Al Hajj Exhibition” in our first participation over more than 40 participants (governments & private companies).
  • Achieved the 1st place in “Bonyan 7  - Al Hajj Exhibition” over more than 40 participants (governments & private companies).

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