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It is the primary goal of the Department of Medicine to ensure that every possible effort is directed to fulfill its role in meeting the mission of the National Guard Health Affairs in providing National Guard personnel and their eligible dependents as well as all other eligible patients with the highest quality of safe tertiary healthcare while ensuring efficacy and proper utilization of resources.  Equally important to the mission are the components related to medical and health education and the scientific research.

The Department of Medicine's vision is to create a professional standard where the highest caliber medical staff are recruited and retained, and up-to-date medical equipment are purchased and maintained while the appropriate rules and ambitious plans are set to ensure that the Department of Medicine provides patients with nothing but the best available practice, residents with the best attainable training, and employees with the best possible working environment.

Department Chairman: Dr. Salih Bin Salih

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Telephone number: +966-11-8011111 Ext. 14179/14189


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