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Secure Usage Policy

Secure Usage Policy​

By using the website of the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, It is your responsibility for the safe use of the site, including browsing, downloading materials, providing and or sharing information, and other behaviors you conduct on this website is absolutely at your own risk. You hereby acknowledge and agree not to use, encourage, enhance, facilitate, instruct, direct, and or motivate others to use the Services as included but limited to the following:

  • Using website data for political purposes, to support illegal or criminal activity, in racist or discriminatory comments, to inflame or negatively impact in any magnitude the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its culture, or in any activity that is contrary to the customs and traditions of the Kingdom.
  • Misrepresentation, modification, and/or manipulation of the data and its source.

You acknowledge and agree that if you provide information about yourself or download any of the materials and services available on this site, you do so in your sole discretion and with full awareness and knowledge of the risks involved and that you will be solely responsible for any damages that may result therefrom, including loss of information and data or damage to your computer system.

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