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Adult Cardiology Fellowship Training Program

Program overview:

  • This program is recognized by the Saudi Commission for health specialties and is conducted in the King AbdulAziz Cardiac Center at KAMC in Riyadh. 

  • Program duration is three years, which will give the trainee an opportunity to gain the required knowledge and master the necessary skills.

  • This training program aims to produce a new generation of well trained and competent adult cardiologists who are capable of independently diagnosing and treating common cardiovascular diseases at a secondary and tertiary care levels.

  • Graduates of the program are qualified to practice general adult cardiology. Successful completion of the program is a qualification that make its holder entitled for further promotions and better job opportunities in the field of adult cardiology.

Overview of training levels:

First year would mainly focus on:
  1. The management of inpatient adult cardiology cases in the regular wards and in critical care units.

  2. The management of emergency department consultations.

  3. Rotation through the invasive and non-invasive labs for cardiac catheterization, echocardiography and stress test.

Second year would mainly focus on:

  1. Consolidation of the inpatient clinical skills and management of in-hospital consultations.

  2. Ambulatory care services, that includes a wide range of specialized and general cardiology clinics.

  3. Cardiac imaging services that include nuclear studies, CT scan and cardiac MRI.

  4. Further exposure to the invasive and non-invasive lab services.

Third year level is mainly focused on: 

  1. Electrophysiological services, pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery rotations.

  2. Mastering competencies in the invasive and non-invasive skills.

  3. Gain a senior level confidence in clinical management and decision making.

Academic activities in the program:

  • The first week is mainly dedicated to hospital and departmental orientation, getting the hospital ID (badge) and pager, and obtaining the required information system accesses.

  • Second week is dedicated to intubation course under department of anesthesia.

  • Typical fellow day starts at 7:45 am with the handover meeting where the night-shift admissions and urgent inpatient issues are discussed.

  • The handover meeting is then followed by a scheduled divisional or departmental activity as shown in the table below. After the morning activity fellows join their respective designated teams/services.

  • Educational activities are included in the table of weekly activities.

​Day ​Morning activity (8-9) ​Educational activities
​Sunday ​Journal club/scientific update ​Imaging rounds (12-1 pm)
​Monday ​Combined cardiac/surgery meeting ​Echo review session (4-5 pm)
​Tuesday ​Grand rounds/ departmental meeting ​Half academic day (12:30-3:30 pm)
​Wednesday ​Cath lab presentation/ M & M ​Echo review session (4-5 pm)
​Thursday ​Combined cardiac/surgery meeting

Program governance:

The program is led by an appointed program director and steered by a divisional training committee under the auspices of Postgraduate Medical Education.

Contact Us:

Dr. Mohammad Al Ghamdi

Program Director

Adult Cardiology, Cardiac Sciences

King Abdulaziz Medical City, National Guard

  • Address: Riyadh 11426 

  • P.O. Box : 22490 

  • Phone: 80 11 111 Ext. 16764 

  • Fax: 16700 

  • Email:

Virgilio Paulo Ilowa 

Program Coordinator 

Adult Cardiology, Cardiac Sciences

King Abdulaziz Medical City, National Guard

  • Address: Riyadh 11426 

  • P.O. Box : 22490 

  • Phone: 80 11 111 Ext. 16584 

  • Fax: 16700 

  • Email:

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