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Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship

The program is under the division of Pediatric Cardiology; Department of Cardiac Sciences has a goal to train leaders in the clinical care and laboratory of cardiovascular disease in the young.


The central level of the division philosophy is exposure of trainees to the approaches of techniques that represent the current state of the art.  The program aims to prepare trainees to work at the forefront of the field.

Program Duration:

The 3-year program is designed to offer training in Pediatric Cardiology. It is under the umbrella of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) and it is offered only in the centers accredited by the SCFHS.  The training will include inpatient and outpatient clinical work, non-invasive cardiac investigations, and invasive diagnostic and interventional procedures. In addition experience in pediatric cardiac intensive care, as well as the experience of pacing and arrhythmia management. A 6 months elective rotation during this period can be offered in an accredited training center.


Upon completion of the training program and passing the certification exams, the Graduate of the program will be awarded the Certificate of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in Pediatric Cardiology Sub-specialty. 

This certificate will qualify the graduate to become a “Consultant” in Pediatric Cardiology (see attached).

For special competency in subspecialties in pediatric cardiology such as interventional cardiology, echocardiography, fetal cardiology, electrophysiology, heart failure and transplant; an additional one or (preferably) two years will be required for advanced subspecialty training interventionally after completing the training requirements in pediatric cardiology specialty. 

Overview of Training Levels

During the 3-yr training period:

  • The fellows will get initial acceptance by SCFHS and then assigned to a training center per availability and preference. The training centers then will assume primary responsibility for embracing and monitoring the candidates, and ensure the completeness and adequacy of the training offered to the candidate

  • Active involvement in the clinical services in the outpatient, inpatient, and intensive care areas as well as on-call coverage are essential prerequisites

  • Rotation through various divisions in the department including Echocardiography, Cardiac Catheterization, Electrophysiology and other divisions.

  • Clinical and or basic research is mandated as part of the SCFHS Fellowship training program regulations. Protected research time will be made available during training by the training center

  • Logbook to document the procedures during the training period will be maintained by the fellow.

The following guidelines of promotion and successful completion of the program.

  1. Every candidate will sit for a promotion examination at the end of the first and second year. This examination is held at The Saudi Commission of Health Specialties. Passing this examination is prerequisite for promotion to the next year of the fellowship.

  2. There will be a final sub-specialty examination upon completion of training. The components of this final examination will include a written examination as well as oral clinical examinations. All final and promotion examinations are administered, monitored and finalized by the Scientific Board/Committee/ Central Committee under the supervision of SCFHS.

  3. The results of all examinations must be certified and approved by the Saudi Commission of Health Specialties.

Academic Activities in the Program

  • Hand-over Morning Meeting

  • Surgical Discussion(s) every Sunday

  • Journal Club every Monday morning

  • Monday Half-day Academic Teaching Activities (Lecture series)

  • Echo Case Discussion every Tuesday

  • Cath Case Discussion every Wednesday

  • Research, Presentations every Thursday

Program Governance

It is overseen by Program Director and  PGME.

Contact Us:

Dr. Fahad Al Habshan

Program Director

Cardiac Sciences

King Abdulaziz Medical City

Pediatric Cardiology Division Mail Code 1420

  • P.O. Box 22490,  Riyadh 11426 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Phone: 011 – 801 1111 ext. 16770/16771

  • Fax: 011 – 80 16773

  • Email:  

Desiree D. Calindas

Program Coordinator

Cardiac Sciences

King Abdulaziz Medical City

Pediatric Cardiology Division Mail Code 1420

  • P.O. Box 22490,  Riyadh 11426 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Phone:011 – 801 1111 ext. 16771

  • Fax:011 – 80 16773

  • Email:  

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