Application​ Requirements

papers and an aplication


  1. The applicant must complete the Registration Form and attach the following documents: ‎
  • Copy of the commercial registration or ‎the official license for the type of ‎services he is providing.‎
  • Copy of Chamber of Commerce ‎Membership certificate.‎
  • Copy of General Organization for Social ‎Insurance Certificate.  ‎
  • Copy of the Zakat certificate. ‎
  • Copy of the investment license, if the ‎investor is licensed under the Foreign ‎Investment Law.‎
  • Copy of the certificate from the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development indicating the investor’s ‎compliance with the required percentage ‎of Saudization.‎
  • Copy of the VAT registration certificate.
  • Copy of National Address. ‎​
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