The Ministry of National Guard - Health Affairs (MNG-HA) has developed its patient portal (MNGHA Care)
to enhance the healthcare experience for their patients.
It aims to allow the patient to access his/her electronic medical record, 
provide electronic services, increase health awareness, promote positive health outcomes as well as offer reliable health information.

​*Request/ Cancel Appointments. ​View Radiology Reports & Lab Results.
​Request/Print Medical Reports. ​Request Medication Refill.
​*Renew/ Open Medical File. ​Vaccinations Reminder.
​And More..
*These services will be launched in all regions successively 


Service Level Agreement (SLA)
MNGHA Care is available as an app for mobile devices
or search on mobile store by using application name (MNGHA Care)
And you can access it through the browser:

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02-Jan-2018 10:20 AM