Ref No.:​  RYD-15-9601-103656 ​
Date:​  (H) 16 Dhual Hijja 1436​
(G) 29-September-2015
From:​ Dr. Bandar Al Knawy, Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of National Guard - Health Affairs ​
To: ​ Distribution 'KAMC-RD'
Subject: ​ Call Center, KAMC - Riyadh Hotline Number: 011-8010000

In order to streamline the services provided at the Outpatient Department and the clinical services at KAMC-Riyadh after the recent closure of some hospital services due to the MERS-CoV outbreak, I am pleased to inform that Call Center - KAMC Riyadh has been established to commence on September 29, 2015.  This new Call Center will be located near the Medical Library.

This newly established Call Center and its team will function as follows:

  •         To respond to calls from patients and their families
  •         To reschedule patients' appointments at the ACC
  •         To reschedule surgeries/operations 
  •         To reschedule admission in all clinical departments
  •         To provide the necessary assistance to ensure optimum patient care services is provided to all staff, patients and their families.

The Corporate Communications and ISID have provided the necessary technical support to establish this Call Center. It  will be staffed with qualified Call Center Agents who will handle calls related to the above functions and will be headed by Dr. Tariq Debassi, Director, Ambulatory Care Center, KAMC-Riyadh.

Thank you for your continued support.

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