Ref No.:​ RYD-15-9601-105532
Date:​ (H) 23 Dhual Hijja 1436
(G) 06-October-2015
From:​ Dr. Bandar Al Knawy, Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of National Guard - Health Affairs ​
To: ​ Distribution 'KAMC-RD' ​
Subject:​ ​Establishment of Nursing Transformation Program, KAMC-Riyadh ​

Further to the Workshop "Planning for the Future" held on the 13 - 14th September and the subsequent Re-commissioning Meeting held on Wednesday, 16th September 2015 to discuss the re-opening of the clinical services at KAMC-Riyadh after the recent closure due to the MERS-CoV outbreak, our planning for the need for modernization and transformation programs is just one of the many recommendations for improvement. 

Therefore, I am pleased to announce the establishment and implementation of a "Nursing Transformation Program" (NTP) to support a new and improved quality patient experience. This program will empower Nurses to work in partnership with all disciplines across the healthcare.

The NTP will integrate with the other initiatives and complement their objectives avoiding duplication of efforts, e.g. infection prevention & control initiatives, bed management and patient flow initiative, etc.

The following are the Pillars of Nursing Transformation Program;

  1. Critical thinking, skill and evidence based nursing practice
  2. Optimize bedside nursing care
  3. Provide safe, effective, patient centered care, in a timely and efficient manner
  4. Support and Implement a High level education across all areas of Nursing

As we commences this new journey, there will be opportunities for individual career development and advancement across all nursing levels. Additional training will be provided to support the delivery of the NTP, these new skills will ultimately enhance our Nurses careers while in NGHA. We will ensure the empowerment of front line nurses to attain higher levels of recognition. 

We, not anybody else, must take this opportunity to regain the patients' trust becoming a new and improved Center of Excellence that National Guard has always been renowned for, treating every patient with outstanding quality care that we are proud of.

Ms. Veronica Kavanagh will be appointed as Chief, Nursing Transformation Program, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer for all corporate issues, and to the Executive Director, Operations, KAMC-R. Nursing Services, KAMC-R will be reporting to the Executive Director, Operations, KAMC-R through the Chief, Nursing Transformation Program.  This appointment is in addition to her current post as Associate Executive Director, PMO

I am relying on everybody's support for the successful delivery of the Nursing Transformational Program.

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