​ Administrative Services   


National Guard Health Affairs is a large health organization providing modern medical care to National Guard employees and their dependents. It employs a large staff of physicians, nurses, technicians and administrators to meet the needs of the patients. Therefore it has many departments to ensure outstanding performance.


Administrative Services:



The Financial Affairs Division functions on a Corporate/Regional level and is responsible for managing the inflow and outflow of allocated funds for Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Hospital programs and its facilities, as well as non-MOF financial activities.


 Logistics Services and Contract Management

Two departments, Logistics Services and Contracts Management, were amalgamated into one division effective December 2004, now known as Logistic and Contracts Management. Both departments have similar functions and responsibilities to provide the needed supplies, consumables, equipment, construction and services in National Guard Health Affairs. 


 Employee's Social Club

The Employee Social Club provides great services at minimum monthly fees; the employee is eligible for priority booking and trips, dining centers and restaurants, shopping malls and franchised stores. We also offer free interest, employee loans that can be processed on an emergency basis.

Recreational facilities include: swimming pools, tennis, bowling, billiards, basketball, gym, arts, family getaways, youth trips, barbeques and weekend brunches. Trips are provided to other Saudi Cities of cultural significance.

 International Nursing and Paramedical Recruitment Department


The International Nursing and Paramedical Recruitment Department is responsible of selecting the highest quality potential candidates from a broad spectrum of nationalities to work at National Guard Health Affairs' hospitals through recruitment trips. These trips are arranged to: Malaysia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Singapore.


 Information System

Information System Department is responsible for the development and support of the computers and information technology to Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Hospital departments and divisions


 Engineering Services

Engineering Services mission is to provide National Guard Health Affairs with all necessary professional design, construction, site supervision, and maintenance services to keep, restore, improve or add to the National Guard Health Affairs’ physical assets and sustain the upkeep of such facilities at the most efficient and cost effective level.


 Clinical Engineering Services

Clinical Engineering Services is responsible for the management of medical. This is accomplished through the implementation of specific programs aimed at the safe and effective use of medical technology by well-trained Saudi professionals.



The Communications Department offers various telephone and communication systems support for the private and business needs of National Guard Health Affairs employees. All Program Employees are entitled to obtain a “Personal Access Code” for their national and/or international telephone calls.


 Internal Audit Department

Internal Audit is a recognized professional management support department of National Guard Health Affairs. It functions independently and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer. It provides management with comprehensive and diversified appraisals of the whole operation, which includes management with the main objective of protecting and maximizing the utilization of resources which include but are not limited to funds, manpower, equipment, installations, utilities, supplies, etc. 


 Military Police

The Military Police is responsible of keeping security and guarding Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Hospital and its related facilities.

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