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Clinical Nutrition Services


Nutrition Services provides specific nutritional care services to in-patient and out-patients. The Clinical Dietitian and Diet Technicians with different areas of specialization are working with multidisciplinary team of health care. A Clinical Dietitian is often at the center of the interaction between doctor, patient, and other health care providers. Clinical Dietitians provide patient contact, counseling, and education to ensure patients’ nutrition needs delivered.

Clinical Nutrition Services supports and supervises staff, SCDP and intern to conduct clinical nutrition research for evidenced based practices and publications.


Clinical nutrition services provide nutrition care and health education to patients and employees, adopts and conducts health research, participates in community programs and provide nutrition training and education to both trainees and employees.


Clinical Nutrition services will be part of the National Guard Health system and be integrated pioneer and internationally recognized for excellent services that enhance and improve individual and community’s nutritional health.


  • Participate in provision of health care by Identifying patients who are at high nutritional risk and prevent malnutrition among hospitalized patients.

  • Provide specific nutritional care services to both inpatients and outpatients completed through the processes of assessment, diagnosing, planning, implementation, counseling/ education and evaluation.

  • Train , educate student and health care providers.

  • Support and promote nutrition education in the community.

Programs provided

The professional knowledge of the Clinical Dietitian is applied in compliance with the physician’s order, and in cooperation with healthcare professionals.
The Clinical Dietitian functions as a member of the healthcare team. High volume, high risk clinical in all Hospital:
Areas covered at King Abdulaziz Medical City hospital (KAMC) and Cardiac Center, includes:
  • Patients requiring Total Parenteral Nutrition( TPN)

  • Patients requiring Enteral Nutrition (TF).

  • Pediatric Cardiac Patients.

  • Neonatal Care Patients.

  • General Medical/Surgical Patients.

  • Endocrine and diabetes.

  • Gestational Diabetic patients and other high-risk pregnancies.

  • Intensive Care Patients.

  • Patients in Hemodialysis and on Renal Transplant programmers.

  • Long-term care patients.

  • Coronary care unit patient

Areas of King Abdullah Children Specialist hospital (KASCH), includes:
  • Pediatric Patients with gastroenterology disease (celiac, irritable bowel syndrome, short bowel syndrome.

  • Pediatric Patients with neurological disorder

  • Pediatric Patients with Immunology /allergy disease

  • Pediatric Patients with pulmonary diseases

  • Pediatric Patients with rheumatology disease

  • Pediatric Patients with renal diseases.

  • Long term care patients

  • Metabolic and genetic patients

  • Pediatric Oncology and Hematology patients and Stem cell transplant program.

  • Liver and Liver transplantation patient.

  • The Ketogenic Diet Program for epileptic patients.

  • Provide nutrition care for children with complex medical condition under complex care program.

  • Nutrition counseling provided to outpatients in nutrition specialty clinics.

  • Provide quality nutritional care through the launching of Tele nutrition 2021.

Education and Training

  • Staff attended several online courses for pediatric nutrition care.

  • Training Staff in how to conduct and design a research in Clinical Nutrition field.

  • Clinical Nutrition Services conducts eight special courses for adult and pediatric in NGHA yearly facilities conducted by ESPEN lifelong learning program with the cooperation of Health and Nutrition Training Center and Saudi Society for Clinical Nutrition.

  • Training interns from KASU, from other universities around the kingdom.

  • Training of participants from Saudi Career Development program.

  • Training of Physicians for residency programs.

Clinical Care Outcomes

  • Completion of nutritional assessment within 24hours for nutritional screening referral, 37% (15,103) out of total patients (40,246) admitted during 2021 was identified as high risk and assessed by Clinical Dietitian.

  • Total of 1,622,012 patients were Nutritionally assessed and served for both in-patients and outpatients during the last five years (2017-2021) in KAMC and KASCH.

Achievements and Awards

  • Established 15 specialty Clinics for adults and pediatrics.

  • Established Carbohydrate counting training clinic since 2011.

  • Established Celiac Clinic since 2016.

  • Established 80 booklets of nutrition education materials for Adults and Pediatric patients.

  • Established Ketogenic Diet Program for epileptic patients was re-implemented last February 2020 in collaboration with the Department of Pediatrics Neurology (KASCH).

  • Participated in 1000 days program for new born babies in KASCH.

  • Participated in Al-Janadryia festivals and several community awareness programs providing nutritional health for patients and community.

  • Awarded for providing Nutrition care for patients during COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • Nutrition symposium about Clinical Nutrition profession for Healthcare outside MNGHA.

  • Obesity Awareness day (symposium).

  • Nutrition Screening campaign for Nursing staff.

  • Clinical Dietitians Participated as members in the Heart Transplant program (2020-2021).

  • Established of Nutrition Formula Committee since 2018.

  • Clinical Nutrition services is a part of tele health in all General and specialized Clinic.

  • Clinical Nutrition Services is an active participant in the awareness of the society  in cooperation with the  Saudi society of Clinical Nutrition


Ms. Heba Bin Hussain

Chief, Clinical Nutrition services

Contact Us

Phone: +966-11-8011111

Extension: 11533

P.O: 22490 Riyadh 11426


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