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Business Development Division

In contribution to the realization of the Kingdom’s vision 2030 ‎and in an effort by the Ministry of National Guard Health ‎Affairs , through Business Development Division, to boost and ‎achieve MNG-HA’s goals and objectives with the private ‎sector to develop the national economy and improve the ‎investment climate in order to upscale the small and medium ‎enterprises sector. ‎

Business Development Division provides all the needs and ‎requirements of the employees and visitors through operating ‎the commercial sites at MNGHA. Therefore, from the ‎principle of transparency and competitiveness among all ‎investors, the competitions will be announced through ‎MNGHA official website and local newspapers, according to ‎the Government Tenders and Procurement Law issued by ‎Royal Decree No. (M 128) dated 13/11/1440 H and its ‎implementing regulations.‎

The Ministry of National Guard - Health Affairs is pleased to announce Tenders for investment sites in the medical cities and its affiliated hospitals, as per the details below

Knowing that the update is ongoing, and any investment site at MNGHA in all regions will be added.

To receive the bid requirements must

  1. Fill out the investor Registration Form certified by ‎the Chamber of Commerce

  2. Fill out the letter of authorization for the ‎tenders to be submitted, certified by the ‎Chamber of Commerce

Also, in case of inquiries, you can contact the ‎Business Development Officer at the following ‎numbers:‎


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