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Medical Eligibility

Medical Eligibility

Medical Eligibility

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is keen to provide full support to its citizens, especially in the field of medical care.

The National Guard has established a state of the art medical centers, which not only provide medical care to the National Guard Personnel but also extend its service to include Non National Guard Citizens.

To achieve this goal the Medical Eligibility Department was established to facilitate the process of accepting referred Non National Guard patients for tertiary medical care.

Mission of Medical Eligibility

Providing opportunities to obtain medical care for non-members of the National Guard who are not inpatients based on clinical criteria to ensure priority is given to patients who urgently need treatment.

Vision of Medical Eligibility

Fulfilling and exceeding the expectations of our patients by providing high-quality services.

Goal of Medical Eligibility

Our primary goal is to help provide and improve the procedures for obtaining medical care for non-members of the National Guard.

Functions and Scope of Services

  • Assessing the condition of patients seeking acceptance for treatment according to the hospital's eligibility policy.

  • Continuing eligibility for treatment for patients who are currently receiving treatment.

  • Providing up-to-date information related to patients' eligibility for treatment.

Eligible National Guard Patients are:

  1. Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) military personnel and civilians, either active or retired, and their eligible dependents

  2. Saudi Program employees, either active or retired, and their eligible dependents

  3. Non-Saudi employees working with SANG and their eligible dependents

  4. Eligible dependents of deceased SANG Saudi National Employees(Military, Civilian and Program)

  5. King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences Students and Interns, their spouses and children

Eligible Non-National Guard Patients are:

  1. Patients with current Referral Letters (RLs)

  2. Emergency room patients as identified in the guidelines for ineligible patient presenting to the emergency department

  3. Non-Saudi Members of the Military Mission and their eligible dependents

  4. Saudi Nationals working under the Royal Palace of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Royal Private Affairs with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

Procedures for Saudi patients who are not members of the National Guard referred for treatment:

The patient or his representative submits a request for treatment through this link taking into account the following conditions:

  • The applicant must be Saudi.

  • The applicant must not be admitted currently to any other hospital.

  • A detailed medical report in English and printed on a computer, with a date not exceeding six (6) months.

  • Recent reports, including treatments and investigations, if any.

  • There should be no prior application for the same specialization during the last six (6) months.

After applying, the applicant will receive a text message indicating the application's progress, and the applicant can follow up on the status of the application through the access portal under the electronic services of this website:

Procedures of Treatment Extension

Procedures for extending eligibility and continuing treatment for Saudi patients who are not members of the National Guard:

  • When the patient's treatment eligibility period expires or is about to end, and if the treating physician considers that the patient's medical condition still needs further care, an electronic request for eligibility for treatment is submitted to ensure the continuity of his therapy following the hospital policy.



Dr. Fayhan Al Rogi

Chief, Medical Eligibility

Dr. Mohammad Bosaeed

Deputy Chief, Medical Eligibility KAMC

Dr. Abdulrahman Al Amir

Deputy Chief, Medical Eligibility KASCH


Dr. Maher Mohammed Alhatlani

Director Ambulatory Care
Eligibility Chief

Al Ahsa

Dr. Hesham Al-Girim

Chief, Medical Eligibility


Dr. Ibraheem Al Omary

Chief, Medical Eligibility

Al Madinah

Ms. Nora Altayyar

Supervisor, Medical Eligibility

Contact us

King Abdulaziz Medical City - Riyadh

Al Ahsa
  • Main Phone number: +966-013-533-9999 / Ext: 38333 - 38404

  • E-mail Address:

Al Madinah

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