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Patient Experience

“Patients experience is everything a patient (or a family) sees, hears, feels and otherwise experiences while interacting with healthcare at all moments”.

The beryl institute defines patient experience as “The sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization's culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care” Thus, it encompasses broad spectrum of patient-system transactions that span the entire patient care journey. Patient experience is way beyond just making patient and family happier. In fact, several studies have shown consistent positive associations between patient experience, patient safety and clinical effectiveness (Doyle et al, BMJ Open 2013).

Since its foundation, MNGHA has always put patient and family first through commitment to high quality care and focus on patient outcome and satisfaction. Our patient experience framework is designed around patient and family to systematically address six main domains.

The six main domains in patient experience

Patients and their families have the right to timely access very well coordinated and integrated care services, receive adequate information to make the proper decision about their care plan, treated with respect by passionate and empowered staff, in clean and patient-friendly facilities with great hospitality. Further, our patients and families are our partners in co-designing services. We have multiple channels to measure patient experience, hear and effectively respond to their voice.

Diagram illustrate the multiple channels to measure patient experience

The recently established system-wide patient experience program is another giant step in the long journey of excellence. We measure patient experience in many different ways including surveys, in depth interviews, focus group interviews, patient complaints system, social media screening and via our call canters “we care program”. We also systematically assess the patient experience elements on the ground using in-house build audit tool within the MNGHA patient experience framework.

We also have specific service recovery plan to effectively and timely recover services when things go wrong to rebuild trust between services and patients.

In MNGHA, patient experience is owned by every MNGHA employee, however, patient experience department in each region is leading all patient experience activities.

We are proud to have implemented four functional units to serve our patients and meet their expectations and aspirations. We aim to reach the highest quality care possible and to support all aspects of patient-centered care.

  • Patient Voice Unit - responsible for patient advisory and patient complaints management.

  • Data Monitoring Unit - accountable for Patient Experience Measurement, data analysis.

  • Greeting and Guidance Unit- responsible for Meet and Greet, information, and guidance communication.

  • WeCare Unit - accountable for call centers and other related aspects on social media and the MNGHA website.

The Patient Experience Department works 24 hours a day near all patients' facilities through appropriate and accessible channels to keep up with all developments and share patients' voices in all decisions to enhance patient journeys.


  • KAMC (ER-ACC-Inpatient ).
  • KACC (ACC-Inpatient ).
  • KASCH (ER-ACC-Inpatient ).
  • PHC ( Primary Health Care ).


  • KAMC (ER – ACC Outpatient Clinic – Cardiac Center – Oncology Outpatient – Oncology Inpatient Admission – Main Building).


  • Imam Abdulrahman Al Faisal Hospital (Main Hospital Lobby).

Al Ahsa

  • King Abdulaziz Hospital (ER – Main Hospital Lobby).

Al Madinah

  • Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Hospital (Outpatient Lobby – Main Entrance).

Contact Us


Phone: 011-8011111 Ext: 11005 - 11007

Patient Experience Department - KAMC:
  • Dr. Thamer Al Ohali,Director, Patient Experience Department- KAMC

  • On-Call Pager KAMC: 7666/7555

Patient Experience Department - KASCH:
  • Dr. Aseel Noori, Assistant Director, Patient Experience Department- KASCH

  • On -Call pager KASCH: 7222 - 8222


  • Ext: 24609

  • Dr. Yasser Aladdin

  • Phone: 014-8669999 Ext: 68331 - 68470 - 68471- 68474

  • On-Call Pager: 1475

  • Direct Line : 014-8669600

  • Dr. Mazen AlRaddadi

  • Phone: 013-8532555 Ext: 32801 - 32802 - 32803

  • On call pager: 1144

  • Wireless: 32801

  • Dr. Raneem Al Blaihed

Al Ahsa

  • Phone: 013-5339999 Ext: 38331 - 38334 - 38332

  • Dr. Abdulaziz AL Qahtani

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