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Family Medicine and Primary Health Care

Family Medicine and Primary Health Care

Family Medicine and Primary Health Care

The Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs (MNGHA) is mandated to provide medical services to all National Guard employees and their dependents in Central, Western, Eastern Regions, and Madinah Province.

One of the MNGHA’s essential and considered one of the biggest departments in Family Medicine and Primary Healthcare – Central Region. It has developed tremendously over the past years with very high expectations. Its vast scope is more than 51 PHC centers, including Satellites and Special Character Clinics located inside and outside Riyadh.

The services rendered include medical and dental care; health promotion, prevention, and rehabilitation; urgent care services; Ophthalmology & ENT; and mission coverage. Ambulatory care services for Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Pediatrics are also available in the main PHC centers.

Family Medicine & Primary Healthcare declares commitment to providing all National Guard beneficiaries with the highest quality of comprehensive continuous health care, made available by an integrated team, in a cost-effective manner.

The essential components are:

  • Professional growth and development for all team members
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Community-focused research to address population healthcare
  • Health promotion, prevention, education, and wellness are designed to enhance active patient participation in their healthcare.
  • An effective residency training program
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Quality Management


The Department of Family Medicine and Primary Healthcare (FM & PHC) provides optimum healthcare to SANG personnel, dependents, and other eligible patients. It offers excellent academic opportunities, conducts research, and participates in industry and community service programs in the health field.


The FM & PHC centers will be the national leader of clinical excellence to enhance individual and public health status.


  • Respect religious and social values
  • Patient safety and satisfaction
  • Quality performance
  • Respect and dignity
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork
  • Productive work environment
  • Accountability
  • Behavior and work ethic
  • Excellence and innovation

Strategic Value

The department stands as a leading expert in integrating its geographically widespread and diverse centers into the highly specialized clinical and operational services in Riyadh's main Medical City (KAMC-RD).


Deputy Executive Director Welcome Message

I am honored to introduce to you Family Medicine and Primary Health Care Department – Central Region ( FM & PHC ) and share our accomplishments over the last 27 years as we continuously strive to provide a high standard of quality care to our patients and community.

Our story in the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs (MNGHA) began in 1994 when the Directorate of PHC SANG-HA kingdom-wide was established. It was headed by an Executive Director and four Associate Executive Directors and established the following:

  • Polyclinics - PHC Centers
  • FM Department from adult male medicine to proper FM. All patients, regardless of age, gender, complaints are seen by a qualified Family Physician.
  • Establishment of Arab Board then Saudi Board FM Program.
  • A process of attracting highly qualified Family Physicians.

In 1997, re-engineering of the organization resulted in having the Central Region Department of FM & PHC, headed by Deputy Executive Medical Director and two Corporate Directors and Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Family and Community Medicine.

In 2003 the Department of Family Medicine became the corporate office for all FM & PHC in Central Region with more than 31 Clinic / Sites with more than 1000 employees. In 2006, the department was transformed into the current structure with a Deputy Executive Director and three Associate Deputy Executive Directors for Clinical Affairs, Operations, and Community Medicine.

Currently, the Family Medicine department has more than 2,500 employees serving our population.

Our appreciation and gratitude to our passionate Family Medicine physicians who are committed to our mission and vision. We could not accomplish what we have right now without devoting their support and cooperation.

We have faced many challenges this year, including evolving changes in the healthcare industry. However, we continue to surpass and embrace the changes as we prepare for the new era in our history of providing a high standard of patient care with modern technologies.

I would also like to extend our appreciation and thanks to our beloved patients.

Lastly, my appreciation and gratitude to the MNGHA leaders for the unrelenting support they have provided for Family Medicine Department throughout the years.


Dr. Bader Al Tulihi

Deputy Executive Director

Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Bassam

Dental Clinic Head

Dr. Ahmed Aidan Anizi

Employee Health Clinic Director

Dr. Ahmed Ghormallah Kordi

National Guard Specialized Clinics FM and PHC Director

Dr. Asad Saeed Habbab

Battalion and Brigade Director

Dr. Bader Abdulaziz Al Tulaihi

Healthcare Specialty Clinic Director

Dr. Khalid Hamad Al Jaber

Military Medical Examination Services Director

Dr. Nassrin Aali Al Harbi

Dirab Primary Health Center Director

Dr. Sultan Al Dukhyeel

Dental Director Family Medicine and PHC

Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim Al Issa

Iskan Clinic Family Medicine and PHC Acting Director

Dr. Marwan Al Juhani

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Division Head

Primary Health Care Centers in Central Region

  • Health Care Specialty Clinic (HCSC)

Dr. Bader Al Tulaihi, Director

Mr. Hussein Al Shareef, Manager Operations

  • Iskan Yarmouk Clinic

Dr. Abdullah Al Eissa, A/Director

Mr. Ahmed Al Johani, Manager Operations

  • National Guard Comprehensice Specialized Clinic (NGCSC)

Dr. Ahmed Al Kordi, Director

Mr. Abdulmajeed Al Sayigh

Manager Operations

  • Dirab Clinic
Dr. Nassrin Al Harbi, Director
Mr. Bander Al Rowaily
Manager Operations

  • Battalion & Brigade Clinic

Dr. Assad Habab, Director

Col. Sami Al Khamis, Operations Manager

  • Prince Bader Residential City Clinic

Mr. Mohammed Al Shammary

A/Practice Manager

Dr. Hella Othman, Chief of Staff

  • King Khalid Miltary Academy (KKMA)

Dr. Abdullah Al Dubaib, Director

Mr. Hamed Al Mehewi, Practice Manager

  • MNG-Headquarters

Brig. Gen. Fahad Al Tuwaijri

Practice Manager

  • Employee Health Clinic (EHC)
Dr. Ahmed Al Anizi, Director

  • Family Medicine Residency Training Program (FMRTP)

Dr. Abeer Al Harbi, Program Director

Dr. Wafa Falatah

Deputy Program Director

  • Dental Services PHC

Dr. Sultan Al Dukhyeel, Director

Mr. Mohammed Al Angari

Coordinator Operations

Primary Care Centers Outside Riyadh

  • Arar PHC

Mr. Amer Al Anizi, Practice Manager

Dr. Haitham Alamir, Chief of Staff

  • Hail PHC

Lt.Col./Engr. Fahad Al Shammari

A/Practice Manager

Dr. Yousef Al Jameel, Chief of Staff

  • Qaseem PHC

Dr. Saleh Al Amro, Director

Mr. Fawaz Al Shammari

Practice Manager

  • Rafha PHC

Mr. Faisal Al Shammary

Practice Manager

  • Najran PHC

Mr. Abdulwahab Al Shehri

Practice Manager

Dr. Ali Alabbas, Chief of Staff

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