Pediatric Anesthesia Department provides state-of-the-art, comprehensive care ‎for young patients at King Abdullah Specialist Children Hospital (KASCH). As ‎specialists in pediatric anesthesiology, our anesthesiologists deliver care to ‎MNGHA pediatric population in all recognized sub-specialties, including ‎pediatric pain management, transplant anesthesia, none-cardiac surgeries for ‎cardiac patients and conjoined twins separation. This is conducted in a ‎prosperous academic health center, where education of residents and fellows ‎occurs in an environment of advanced scientific and clinical inquiry.‎


The KASCH Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology will lead the evolution of ‎pediatric perioperative care in the Middle East through advances in the care of ‎patients with acute and chronic illnesses, and education of future pediatric ‎anesthesiologists. Through integrated approaches to the care of patients from the ‎time of diagnosis to discharge and follow up. Our physicians will advance the ‎pediatric anesthesia science through improving efficiency, safety, and the ‎perioperative experience of our patients while reducing costs, complication rates ‎and hospital lengths of stays, and lead the pediatric anesthesia researches ‎through the enormous data available from the cases done daily and rare cases we ‎use to deal with being the first tertiary pediatric hospital in KSA.‎

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