After Achieving The Highest Standa​rds of Quality and Safety

The Saudi Center for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions Reaccredits King Abdulaziz Hospital in Al-Ahsa

Number of related ‎departments' management personnel in King Abdulaziz Hospital in Al-AhsaKing Abdulaziz Hospital at The Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs in Al-Ahsa, has obtained re-accreditation from the Saudi Center for Accreditation of Health Institutions "CBAHI", confirming the previous accreditation that the hospital won. The Executive Regional Director in the Eastern region, Dr. Ahmed bin Abdulrahman Al-Arfaj said, "This accreditation gives a strong indication of the goals we seek, the most significant of which is that the services provided to the patient is the highest quality and safety, and that the work environment in the facility is a safest environment for all."

And he indicated that "King Abdulaziz Hospital in Al-Ahsa, like other hospitals of Health Affairs in the Ministry of National Guard, applies the highest safety standards and provides the highest levels of quality, in order to achieve patient satisfaction, and our employees are subject to training courses and workshops that helps us in our main objective which is to achieve safety and quality in the work environment, and as we see it through the employees’ commitment to safety conditions , these courses are reflected positively ."

number of related ‎departments' management personnel in King Abdulaziz Hospital in Al-AhsaThe Director of Quality and Patient Safety Department, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Ghamdi, said that “the committee expressed its happiness and satisfaction with the level of patient safety culture spread in the hospital, and the role of medical leadership that works to improve the quality and safety of the medical service provided to the patient,” stressing that “the committee has subjected several departments and departments in the hospital to the highest standards  Evaluation, including the management of medical laboratories, pharmacy, inpatient departments, operating rooms, outpatient clinics, emergency department, infection control management, quality management, facilities management and safety department .”

The committee announced the re-accreditation of King Abdulaziz Hospital in Al-Ahsa for the second time, as it is still achieving the highest safety standards, in the presence of the Deputy Regional Director for Medical Services, Dr. Ali Al-Qarni, the Deputy Regional Director of Operations, Mr. Saud Al-Bugmi, and heads, managers and supervisors of departments of departments in the hospital.

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15-Jun-2021 11:56 AM