Employment at any of our National Guard Hospitals offers many interesting and exciting challenges and opportunities for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Join an interesting group of professionals and explore the unlimited benefits and advantages of joining one of these facilities.

Benefits and Compensations of working at NGHA

Annual Leave:

30 days per one year contract or two and half days per month from date of hire.

Eid/Holiday Leave:

  • 5 days for Eid Al Fitr (Right after the end of Ramadan).
  • 5 days for Eid Al Adha (Hajj holidays which is approximately 9 weeks after Ramadan.
  • Saudi National Day.

There are other types of leaves such as business and professional leaves which may be granted depending on the nature of the job and contract status.

Annual Leave Ticket:

The ticket is available after completion of nine months and upon re-contracting.

Direct Patient Care Staff:

They are entitled to mid year benefits of 10 days leave with pay or airline ticket.

Nursing Positions:

They are entitled to 10 days leave with pay and airline ticket equivalent to (Riyadh-London-Riyadh) depending on the season.

Non-Medical Staff:

They are entitled to of 10 days leave with pay only.

Potential employees will be provided information regarding mid year benefits when they join NGHA staff.

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