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PMBAH - Al Madinah Obtains the American College CAP Accreditation


​​​PMBAH - Al Madinah Obtains the American College CAP Accreditation 

PMBAH - Al Madinah Obtains the American College CAP Accreditation Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz National Guard Hospital of Al-Madinah al-Monawarah had succeeded of adding a new accomplishment to its national and international accomplishment record, by obtaining the American College accreditation for the hospital laboratories CAP. 

The American College of Pathologists (CAP) is a medical facility that serves more than 17,000 physicians and laboratories around the world. It is the largest organization exclusively made up of pathologists and widely accredited as a leading association in the field of quality assurance of medical laboratories.

This accreditation reflects the efficiency of the laboratory by providing high-quality services with the lowest costs that suits the requirements of the accreditation program of the American College of Pathologists. In addition, obtaining the accreditation of the American College of Pathologists requires providing the highest standards of laboratorial services for all patients, physicians, and the general public. 

For his part, the Executive Director of Operation at Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Hospital, Mr. Mansour bin Nasser Al-Askar, confirmed that this achievement, which is added to the list of hospital achievements, has been obtained by the hospital’s special human competencies and advanced technologies in laboratory management and all other departments, indicating that the complementary work between the hospital departments and the  support from the Health Affairs Department of the Ministry of National Guard, are the keys to the repeated successes of the hospital in various operational and medical fields.

Moreover, The Executive Director of Medical Services, Dr. Walid Al-Yafi, gave his thanks to the Department of Medical Laboratories for their success in this accomplishment, stressing that Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Hospital makes sure that all of its medical services matches the international approved standards to provide health services of the highest quality to all beneficiaries.

It is notable that Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Hospital laboratories had recently recorded a unique national achievement by entering the list of the best 20 laboratories around the world after obtaining A2LA accreditation in all its laboratorial services, which is the highest level of international accreditation and the most difficult, because of its well-known strong procedures and high standards. Moreover, Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Hospital is the first Saudi or Arab facility that achieves this accomplishment. 

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10/19/2020 5:33 PM