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Healthcare Technology Management

​Healthcare Technology Management is responsible for the management of medical technology at King Abdulaziz Medical City, Iskan Polyclinic, and HCSC. This is accomplished through the implementation of specific programs aimed at the safe and effective use of medical technology by well-trained Saudi professionals.

The department has installed a new improved database (through an automated system) to handle the data entry of all requisitions from all National Guard Health Affairs departments. Such requirements will be evaluated before being approved, to avoid any duplication or redundancy.


To apply engineering, technical, and management expertise to the identification, acquisition and support of safe, efficient, and cost-effective healthcare technology as needed for patient care, education, research and community service.


To be recognized as a professional entity that achieves excellence in the provision of responsible, efficient, cost-effective and innovative healthcare technology management, which is an essential element in the delivery of advanced and high-quality patient care, research or education.


  1. To effectively support and advance patient care by applying engineering and managerial skills to healthcare technology and increase health outcomes.

  2. Appropriate deployment of (innovative) healthcare technology that contributes to the improvement in the quality of healthcare delivered the containment of cost, and to an increased access to services offered by MNGHA's healthcare system. 

Safe and effective use of healthcare technology securing patient safety, high-quality of care and at the same time reducing healthcare costs related to technology​.

Programs provided

HTM program consists of the following:

  • Technology Assessment and Planning

  • Technology Evaluation and Pre-Purchase Selection

  • Technology/Equipment Procurement

  • Technology Commissioning and Installation

  • Technology Development and Medical Devices Integration

  • Technology/Equipment Utilization

  • Technology/Equipment Inventory, Control and Management

  • Quality Performance and Assurance

  • Risk Management

  • Technology/Equipment Replacement

  • Continuing Education and Training

  • Technology Decommissioning and Disposal.​

Education and Training

  • Healthcare Technology Management department recognizes the impact of the internship training on the future of healthcare technology management within hospitals and on private entities. The HTM role is to introduce to student interns to the career of management of medical equipment and systems. The student interns also learn how to perform healthcare technology assessment, planning and development.  They also learn about the integration of medical equipment to the Hospital Information System (HIS). 

  • The existing program for internship training sometime includes technical/service trainings provided locally by manufacturers in-house or within the city.

Achievements and Awards

  1. Successfully performed 29 major expansions planning and  458 various SPRs needs assessment; generated 120 technical specifications for direct buy and 33 tender packages with multiple quantities of each item for tendering; performed 228 evaluation and pre-purchase selection; replacement of  52 obsolete equipment; and evaluate 39 presented new medical technologies.


  2. Successfully upgraded test equipment and analyzers enabling HTM Jeddah to perform PPMs on defibrillators and functionality check on anesthesia machines.


  3. Proficiently provide the required planning and assessment tasks encompassing the acquisition of medical devices for all expansion of clinical services, new facility constructions, and conversions of existing wards (all regions) despite the increasing tasks and limited manpower/healthcare technology engineers.


  4. Reduced the operational capital expenditures for medical equipment spare parts by sourcing in local markets and close monitoring of purchases and consumptions through a module in the maintenance management system.


  5. Achieved the required support/extension of work to Property Management to inspect, segregate and test the functioning medical equipment stored in the warehouse despite the voluminous primary duties of the HTM service engineers.


  6. Successful and sustained support/maintenance management of all medical equipment in Aden, Najran, Hafer AlBaten and Arar military missions.


  7. Implementation of Omni Cell's (automatic dispensing cabinets)  Supply Trial Program across all the regions of MNGHA pertinent to pharmacy automation


  8. Recognition from the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, for the remarkable effort and effective contribution on alert/recall management of affected medical devices and products, and in implementing the necessary action/correction.


Engr. Abdulrahmas Saleh Al Shuail.

Associate Executive Director

Engr. Mohammed Hadian.

Deputy, Associate Executive Director.

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Ext: 16697 , 16623​

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