Chairman’s Message  

an image of a hand holding a dental x-ray

As Chairman of Dental Services, Central Region, I am proud to be associated with such dynamic group of individuals.  Many of our Dentists have over 15 years of clinical experience and this level of expertise cannot be easily matched in the industry.

Our dentists are required to maintain the highest level of skills and knowledge and we continuously seek out new methods of improving our level of skills and technology which would benefit our patients.  We continuously provide National Guard personnel and their dependents with the highest quality of primary, secondary, and tertiary dental health care, while ensuring efficiency and proper utilization of available resources.  

Our four Team Approach groups are taking a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate individual needs and determine the best approach for treatment.  We are exceptionally proud of the level of care available both at King Abdulaziz Dental Center (KADC) and Primary Health Care Center - Dental Clinics – Iskan, D3, B2, Dirab, NGCSC Um Al Hamam, HCSC Kashmalan, KKMA, KKMA-H, Qassim, Arar, Rafha, Hail, and Najran.  On the other hand, a Team has been formed to provide routine and tertiary dental care for the Medically Compromised Patients (MCP).  Medically compromised clinic is responsible for management of patients with medical conditions (e.g. renal, liver transplant, and cardiac patients) needing special precautions such as antibiotic coverage and control of INR, which are proceeded by meticulous history, consultations with treating physicians and laboratory investigations.

We seek to better our community by providing state-of-the-art systems and technologies.  For your convenience, this includes taking advantage of the Internet technology. 

Our website shares with you the details about our services.  You will find listings of our highly trained and dedicated dentists, information regarding news and events pertaining to the Dental Services, CR.  If you have questions concerning dentistry, please be sure to contact us. 

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