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Primary Health Care Centers - Dammam

Primary health care clinics were established in King Fahd Residential City, Dammam, in the year 1410 AH corresponding to 1989 AD. Given the importance of health services provided through health centers and to achieve the goals and strategies of health affairs, which confirm that primary health care is the basis of the health system. Therefore, these clinics are dedicated to serving the National Guard employees inside and outside the residential city.

Operation Capacity

Promoting accessible, comprehensive, continuity and quality healthcare in all National Guard personnel and their eligible dependents through providing the best of medical knowledge, education, high standards health care, keeping people healthy, preventing illness, reducing the need for hospital services and improving management of chronic conditions.

Scope of Services

  • Providing the highest quality patient-centered care which includes continuity of care, comprehensive care, rehabilitative, and prevention for all patients.

  • Training and mentoring our postgraduate residents in Family Medicine to ensure they acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be confident and competent family physicians and leaders

  • Promoting and conducting interdisciplinary research that is relevant to the advancement and practice of Family Medicine

  • Providing supports and professional development opportunities to our staff, faculty and preceptors;

  • Being strong primary care advocates through national and international health policy development.

  • Diagnosing and taking care of all chronic diseases with the management and follow up for all age groups, children, young adults, and middle aged and elderly patients for both genders.

  • Providing a comprehensive health care for all health care staff in the hospital through Employee Health Care Clinic.

  • Coordinating with all health care specialties in the NGHA for cases needed further care and management by referral system through best care program and keep continuity of care after their referral.

  • Provision of comprehensive maternal and child healthcare.

  • Child immunization against major communicable disease.

  • Medical examination for all new male and female students (Pre-school, Primary, Intermediate and Secondary) and all new recruits (soldiers) in the Eastern Region.

  • Control of endemic diseases, safe water supply and environmental health.

  • Provision of essential drugs.

  • Provision of Dental, and Mental health.


  • Preventive Medicine Department

Dr. Amal Abdelmonem, Division Head

  • Patient Services Department

Mr. Khaled Alghamdi, Division Head

  • Laboratory Department

Ms. Alhanouf Aljaber, Division Head

  • Medical Imaging Department

Mr. Shamlan Alhamoud, Division Head

  • Pharmacy Department

Mr. Misfer Alqahtani, Division Head

  • Patient Health Education Committee

Ms. Hind Alzaher, Division Head

  • Military Recruits Examination Section

Dr. Sameh Abdelaziz, Division Head

  • Dental Department

Ms. Beshaer Sibai, Division Head

Working Hours and Appointment

Sunday to Thursday 08:00 to 17:00

Friday and Saturday 15:00 to 23:00

Appointment System

Reliable appointment and registration systems and medical records have been applied in the MNGHA To provide high-quality medical care.

Those who need more specialized secondary health care will be transferred to Al-Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal Hospital.

Clinics and Departments

The following primary healthcare clinics are available:


  • Family Medicine Clinic

  • Public Clinics

  • Dental Clinic, Oral and Dental Health

  • Smoking Cessation Clinic

  • Diabetes Clinic

  • Pediatric and Healthy Child Clinic

  • The Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic and The Women's Health Clinic

  • Prenuptial Examination Clinic


  • Preventive Medicine Department

  • Health Quality Management Department

  • Laboratory Department

  • Medical Imaging Department

  • Pharmacy Department

  • Department of Internal Medicine

  • Patient Health Education Committee

  • Military Recruits Examination Section

Specialized Clinics

  • Ophthalmology and Optics Clinic

  • Dermatology Clinic

  • Nutrition Clinic

  • Psychiatric Clinic

Education Programs

  • CME (Continuing Medical Education)

  • Dr. Suha Alsaleh, Program Director


Dr. Nasser Al Khaldi


Dr. Jamal Alzahrani

Division Heads

Dr. Aidah Alrammah

Programs Directors

Contact us


Phone: +966-13-8532555, Ext.: 32623, 30200, 30120

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