About Primary Health Care Centers

Primary health care centers were established in King Fahd Residential City, Dammam, in the year 1410 AH corresponding to 1989 AD.

Given the importance of health care provided through health centers and to achieve the goals and strategies of health affairs, which confirm that primary health care is the basis of the health system. Therefore, these clinics are dedicated to the National Guard employees inside and outside the residential city.


To promote accessible, comprehensive, continuity and quality healthcare in all National Guard personnel and  their eligible dependents through providing the best of medical knowledge, education, high standards health  care, keeping people healthy, preventing illness,  reducing the need for hospitals and improving management of chronic conditions.


​To be the pioneer primary health care center in delivery of excellent quality of care and patient safety and achieve with sustainable achievements of JCI standards.

Core Values:

The primary health care center adheres to core values taken from religious, social and professional principles, abiding by:

  • Respect religious and social values
  • Patient safety and satisfaction
  • Quality performance
  • Respect and dignity
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork
  • Productive work environment
  • Accountability
  • Behavior and work ethic
  • Excellence and innovation​

The Building:

Primary health care clinics were established on a total area of 2750 m and include the main building, which is made up of a ground floor that includes clinics, medical records and a lecture hall.

The expansion of health care and the renewal of the center are also being discussed to accommodate the provided health care and the needs of patients.​

Contact Numbers and Emails

Phone Number: +966- 01-38532555 

Fax: +966- 01-832622




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