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Family Medicine & Primary Health Care

Family Medicine and PHC – WR is the patient's first point of contact with the healthcare system at the Ministry of National Guard – Health Affairs in the Western Region.

It has 2 Specialties:

  1. Family Medicine

  2. Preventive Medicine.


PHC services have 4 unique features:

  1. Continuous Care

  2. Comprehensive Care (Preventive, Curative, Promotion)

  3. For the Whole Family

  4. Integrated Care with secondary and tertiary care level


Family Medicine and PHC – WR is facing 6 main challenges:

  • Demographic changes

  • 5.5% average annual growth rate of serving population

  • Increase life expectancy with expected increase demand on the service

  • Access to care

  • Chronic disease prevalence

  • Integration

  • Dental services

  • Community-based services


In line with the Vision 2030, MNGHA has developed Primary Health Care strategic plan, which includes the following 8 main strategic initiatives:

  1. Access to Care

  2. Digitalization of PHC Services Delivery (Tele-Health Program)

  3. Chronic Disease Control Program

  4. Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine Program

  5. Woman and Child Health Program

  6. Dental Healthcare Services

  7. Integration of Healthcare Services

  8. Mental Health Program


Department Capacity

The department has 2 divisions:

  1. Family Medicine

  2. Preventive Medicine.

Primary Health Care (PHC) Services are provided either within the PHC centers or the community.

  1. Services provided within PHC Centers
  • Chronic Diseases

  • Maternity and Women Health

  • Family Medicine

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Rapid Access

  • Dental Services

  • Well Baby

  • Lifestyle Medicine


Main PHC centers are providing supporting ancillary services such as radiology, laboratory and pharmacy in addition to their main scope of services.

  1. Community Based Services
  • Military Health Services
  • School Health Services
  • Environmental Health Services
  • Epidemic Investigation
  • Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Dental Public Health
  • Immunization Campaigns
  • Health Promotion Campaigns
    • Telehealth was introduced to enhance our healthcare services and improve the overall patient experience, through the use of digital information and communication technologies to access healthcare services remotely. The goal is to make healthcare convenient and accessible to all our patients regardless of location, mobility, time or transportation issues. It also Improves communication and coordination of care among members of a healthcare team and the patient.

Primary Health Care Centers

  • Specialized Polyclinic (Khozam) PHC & Tele-Health Center
Dr. Mahmoud Al Zahrani
  • Iskan PHC, Jeddah
Dr. Sultan Ghazi
  • Bahrah PHC, Bahrah
Dr. Asmaa Al Refaie
  • Sharaie PHC, Makkah
Dr. Redha Bagadoud
  • Iskan PHC, Taif & Preventive Medicine, Taif
Dr. Sultan Al Malki
  • Jazan PHC, Jazan
Mr. Yahya Metebi
  • KSAU & EHC
Dr. Nadia Mazraani
  • Preventive Medicine, Jeddah
Dr. Hani Al Mugti
  • Um Alsalam Center, Jeddah
RPh. Zuhair Sulimani
  • Training Center, Jeddah
Mr. Ajmi Al Mutairi

Clinical Programs

  • Hemaya Program
Dr. Saad Alghamdi
  • Tele-Health Program
Dr. Mahmoud Al Zahrani
  • Chronic Disease Control Program
Dr. Abdullah Al Zahrani
  • Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine
Dr. Hani Mugati
  • Mental Health Program
Dr. Omar Banaama
  • Baby Friendly Program
Dr. Razaz Wali
  • Integration of Healthcare Services
Dr. Lama Rammal
  • Health Promotion Program
Dr. Reem Alnemari
  • Oral Health Preventive Clinic
Dr. Samar Mashabi

Programs Directors

  • Dr. Abdullah Al Zahrani, Director
Family Medicine Residency Training Program
  • Dr. Hani Al Mugti, Director
Preventive Medicine & Public Health Residency Training Program


Dr. Saad Alghamdi

Deputy Executive Director
Medical Services, PHC-WR

Dr. Abdulrahman Al Malki

Associate Deputy Executive Director,
Clinical Services, PHC-WR

Dr. Jumana Khouja

Associate Deputy Executive Director,
Community Medicine, PHC-WR

Mr. Mohammed Al Qahtani

Associate Deputy Executive Director,
Operations, PHC-WR

Contact us


Phone and Extensions: +012-2266666 Ex: 66142,66146,66147,66137

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