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Saudi Adult Hematology Fellowship Training Program

Program Overview

The program consists of two years of full-time structured supervised training in Adult Hematology. This will involve admission to an approved joint program with rotations in different hospitals and an optional third year in hematology or medical oncology as per the trainees’ desire and interest.

Fellows trained in solid tumors and completed two years of training in an approved Saudi Board program in medical oncology can enter the hematology fellowship training program for one year and become eligible to enter the Saudi Board in Hematology after successful completion of their third year training. Similarly, Saudi Hematology board fellows will be eligible to enter the final Oncology program when this program becomes approved by SCHS pending.

General Objectives:

  • To graduate adult hematologists with adequate knowledge and skills to cope efficiently with the relevant health problems of patients with blood disorders.

  • To train fellows to become self-disciplined and self-dependent learners, and to provide an educational environment that will promote health care standards.

  • To train fellows to perform research and emphasize the research oriented approach to new problems.

  • To graduate fellows at internationally acceptable standards.

  • To make trainees realize the importance of team approach to medical problems.

  • To graduate adult hematologists with appropriate attitude and medical ethics.

Specific Objectives:

The program emphasizes formal instruction in the following:

  • Treatment of individual blood diseases with emphasis on coordinated multidisciplinary approach.

  • Clinical experience that emphasizes patient management in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

  • Ability to perform procedures.

  • Key tools in basic science that applies to patient management.

Program Outcomes:

  • By  the  end  of  the first  year,  the  fellow should  pass  the evaluation conducted  by  the fellowship program  supervisory  committee.  If   unsuccessful, the fellow should repeat the first year. Pass Marks are as Counted Per The SCFHS Regulation. 

  • Upon  successful  completion  of  the  two  years  training program and having passed  the  final  examination  in  Internal Medicine, the fellow is considered eligible for the Saudi Specialty Certificate in Adult Hematology.

  • End of Year and final examination will be performed as per the SCHS regulation (written and clinical examination).



Hospital-based rounds and teaching sessions on a weekly basis
  • Leukemia Board

  • Lymphoma Board

  • Hematology Bedside Grand Rounds

  • Hemato/Pathology Meeting

  • HSCT Board

  • Divisional Academic Activity

  • Hematology Case Discussion

  • Fellow’s Activity


Fellows will be encouraged to participate in specific research projects that might have an impact on the quality of their future practice.  They will be involved in the design, preparation of protocols, and the coordination of their research project. They should learn how to write abstracts for presentations at local, national, and international scientific meetings; and acquire skills in drafting manuscripts under the guidance of the hematology staff for submission and presentation to national and international journals.  Fellows will be invited to participate on a regular basis in the academic activities within the Section and Department, and also in the activities related to other departments.  Individualized clinical research projects tailored to the fellow’s interests and career path with a specified mentor will be undertaken within the second year of the fellowship program.  

Lectures and Conferences

Fellows will be required to attend all activities as deemed necessary by the participating center’s departments/sections.  They should attend at least one international annual meeting, preferably the annual ASH meeting.

Contact Us:

Dr. Ayman Alhejazi

Program Director

Consultant, Division of Adult Hematology & HSCT

Department of Oncology

King Abdulaziz Medical City – Riyadh

Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs

  • P. O.  Box 22490, Riyadh 11426 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Phone:(966-11) 801 1111 Ext. 11083 / 13146

  • Fax:(966-11) 801 1111Ext. 12900

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