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Rotating Residents and Fellows Training

Rotating Residents / Fellows Training

Request for rotation:


  1. The candidate must be registered in SCHS as a resident/fellow ( Copy of SCHS license card ).

  2. Submission of a signed request from hospital/training center, in which the trainee registered with, directed to PGME, KAMC-CR, not less than 30 days (preferred 60 days) before the rotation start date.

(for the joint programs: Request from the chairman of the scientific committee in SCHS).

The request should include:

  • Directed to PGME-KAMC-CR.

  • The rotating resident/ fellow name, and the contact details (Mobile No. & email).

  • Saudi ID Number.

  • Name of specialty/ sub-specialty.

  • Registration number in SCHS.

  • Level of training.

  • Site of requested rotation (specialty in which rotating will be trained).

  • Start and end date of every single rotation if the request includes more than one specialty/ department.

When the request is accepted, rotating resident/fellow must:

  • Submit a valid medical checklist (done within one year) to the PGME office minimum of 10 working days before the start date of the training. (additional required test for ER rotation: ER N95 Fit testing and Personal

  • Protective Equipment (PPE) education Class).

  • Attend the general orientation before joining the clinical service.

  • Submit a copy of the National ID.

  • Submit a copy of the Saudi Council ID.

  • Visit PGME to complete their requirements/ documents and issue the badge.

  • Visit PGME for Badge Issuance.

Rotating Residents/fellows Obligations:

  • Rotating residents/fellows should abide by the institution's clinical, academic, ethical, administrative, and other standards and policies.

  • After completing the rotation period, the rotating resident/fellow should submit the clearance form to the PGME office.

Kindly fill out the Information Form and send it to e-mail:

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