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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements in Residency and Fellowship Programs:

To apply for residency or fellowship training programs at KAMC-CR, the applicant should set for an interview conducted during the period of admission. Furthermore, the candidate should submit the following required documents:

  • SCFHS Acceptance letter.

  • Completed application.

  • Updated CV.

  • MBBS Degree/Internship Certificate/ Transcript.

  • GPA of 3 & Above.

  • Minimum of 3 recommendation letters.

  • Copy of Saudi ID.

  • Copy of Passport.

  • Three personal photographs.

  • Sponsorship letter (of sponsored from outside MNGHA).

  • Valid Basic Life Support Certificate (BLS).

  • Saudi Licensure Exam (SLE- for applicants for residency training program).

  • Saudi Board certificate or equivalent (for fellowship training program applicants).

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10/18/2021 8:22 AM