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Your creative and innovative participation in digital solutions is vital to our organization and achieving our mission

The Innovative platform offers you the opportunity to join the innovation community, which includes a group of creative minds passionate about contributing their ideas to improving the health future in an innovative way. The platform allows receiving these ideas and enabling the development of these ideas to become innovative solutions with an impact.


The Innovative platform provides you the opportunity to join the challenges, which are a presentation of several challenges to the public and receiving creative ideas and solutions from participants to deal with these challenges in new and innovative ways


The Innovative platform offers you the opportunity to join the hackathon, a technical event where programmers, designers, and IT enthusiasts come together to work collaboratively to develop creative and innovative solutions.


The Innovative platform offers you the opportunity to join workshops, interactive and educational sessions aimed at developing participants' skills and promoting creative and innovative thinking. Workshops include a range of interactive activities and exercises that help participants develop their understanding of the innovation process and learn the methods and tools used in it.

Monetary Prizes
Innovative Solutions


​The goal of the "Innovative" platform is to encourage participation in the innovation process to improve healthcare services and develop new and innovative solutions in healthcare.​

You can participate in the "Innovative" platform by submitting your ideas and suggestions to improve healthcare services, participating in competitions and challenges offered, and interacting with other participants to develop innovative solutions.​

Through the "Innovative" platform, you can learn about current challenges and opportunities to present innovative solutions, participate in workshops and hackathons to develop health ideas and projects.​

​Yes, specific challenges are presented on the "Innovative" platform for contribution, and you can view them and participate with your ideas and suggestions to help improve healthcare services.​

All community members are eligible to participate. If there are challenges specifically meant for certain participant categories, the eligibility criteria will be clarified on the page dedicated to each challenge.​
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4/3/2024 1:06 PM