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Military Field Medicine

Military Field Medicine


Military Field Medicine

Military Field Medicine is the arm of MNGHA that provides direct medical assistance to military personnel in the military field during a national emergency. Since Military Field Medicine was incorporated into NGHA in 1994, the existing military field hospital, the Falcon Peninsula Hospital, has been refurbished.

Chain Of Command

  • Military Field Medical Command

    • Allied Health Sciences Military School.

    • Medical Battalion.

    • Peninsula Falcon Hospital.

  • Military Field Medical Command

The mission of MFMC:

    • Provide combat health services support to the tactical component of the NG forces.

    • Provide combat health services support to the technical training and education of military medical personnel.

  • Allied Health Sciences Military School

The mission of the School is to provide training to:

  • Officers.

  • Non-commissioned officers.

Following National Guard policy and approved Medical Programs of Instruction, the Allied Health Sciences Military School was established in 1989 with the purpose of training health professionals in different allied health specialties to fill the military allied medical vacancies in National Guard facilities, Primary Healthcare Centers, and NGHA hospitals Kingdom-wide.

The mission of the Allied Health Sciences Military School is to acquire the required number of candidates holding the High School Certificate, Science Section, who will meet the admission criteria specified in the AHSMS regulations. Those approved candidates will be trained and prepared to join the health field upon completing a First Aid Course in addition to specialty courses.

Additionally, there are basic and advanced courses for Medical Services Officers and non Commissioned officers to prepare them scientifically and practically to work after graduation within the National Guard units to provide ambulatory healthcare services in peace and war times and to satisfy the human resources requirements of healthcare professionals in the hospitals and Primary Healthcare Centers.

In facing constant changes, the Allied Health Sciences Military School improved its vision to reach its cherished main goals by training its staff to improve their efficiency and performance and to attain self-satisfaction. This will ensure using the available resources of training programs and available professionals.

The AHSMS will provide its personnel with training chances, especially the trainers, according to the requirements. It will concentrate on improving skills with an emphasis on the efforts and time factors. The AHSMS achieved its goal and implemented the following:

Military Field Medicine Programs:

In-house Training:

  • Program for Improving the Efficiency of the Training Team.

  • Clinical Efficiency Program.

  • Program for improving Officers in field training curricula.

  • Program for Improving the Officers and non-commissioned Officers in the computer field.

  • Program for improving the Training team in medical terminology.

Outside Training:

  • Practical training program in clinical efficiency at KAMC, Riyadh.

  • Program for improving trainers on chemical defense filed at NG schools.

Internal and Outside Scholarships:

Some personnel have been selected to join courses at the Institution of Public Administration (IPA), while some others have been selected to join courses in practical nursing in the US to acquire advanced skills.

Medical Battalion

The Medical Battalion, by employing its Medical and Evacuation Companies in support of the maneuver brigades, provides the Command’s most forward elements of Combat Health Service Support:

  • The Medical and Evacuation Companies receive triage and provide emergency medical treatment for casualties until they can be evacuated to a higher level of care.
  • They provide medical evacuation of patients, casualties, the sick, and the injured from field medical units to the mobile field hospital or fixed medical facilities.
  • They also evacuate patients from the mobile field hospital to regional hospitals, medical centers, or other medical facilities within their area.
  • The Medical and Evacuation Company also provides medical treatment and evacuation on an area basis so that no soldier goes without care.
  • The Medical Battalion, through its Medical Logistics Platoon, also provides all the Class VIII (Medical) Supply and biomedical maintenance to support all medical units in the area of operations.

Peninsula Falcon Hospital

The mission of the Falcon Hospital is to provide emergency life and limb-saving surgeries to the national guards on the battlefield.
  • Its mission is limited to the most severely injured who would not survive evacuation to a higher level of care.
  • It provides twenty-four intensive care beds in air-conditioned ward vans to hold casualties until they are stable enough to be evacuated.
  • The Falcon Hospital provides limited dental care, laboratory, and x-ray services.

Military Field Medicine Highlighted Achievements

As the MFM participated in providing medical support to National Guard forces and allied forces, it provided medical support outside the Kingdom by providing the Saudi Mobile Field Hospital to Baghdad with needed physicians and paramedics; it also provided humanitarian aid following the earthquake catastrophe in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Sending ambulatory medical teams to the brigades in Riyadh to train the medical platoons.
  • Due to the current security situation, all officers and medical personnel of the medical battalion have been put on standby status to provide guard patrols with medical support. Providing medical support during NG annual mobilization drills and Hajj season.
  • The Military School for Allied Health Sciences formed a weekly periodic academic committee to improve its activities and coordination, provide chances for constructive, cooperative thinking, exchange ideas and opinions, and study the remarks and comments on the weekly departmental reports.

In Summary:

Military Field Medicine’s plans include:

  • Nationally linking all units through the new information system.
  • Further modifying the organization to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Increasing the number of non-commissioned officers with technical specialties.
  • Approving and outfitting mobile army surgical hospitals.
  • Improving the equipment and staffing at the Allied Health Sciences Military Schools.
  • Building new Headquarters.
  • Eventually replacing the Falcon Peninsula Hospital.
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