Product evaluation mechanism:

The necessary requirements are as follows:

An official letter addressed to the Director of product standardization and evaluation in the Department of Logistics and Contracts indicating your desire to evaluate the items, provided with a simple explanation of the uses of the item, in addition to any useful information in 5 to 7 lines and prepare a detailed table of the product including:

  • Stock number (if the item is used by the health affairs of Ministry of National Guard).

  • The factory name.

  • Scientific description of the item.

  • Trade Name.

  • Catalog number.

  • Country of Origin.

  • Product validity.

  • Price.

- Attach all documents related to the product, such as, brochures, CDs, etc...

- Attach approval of Saudi Food and Drug Administration (SFDA), and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or European Accreditation.

- Attach product safety data-sheet.

- Attach technical data-sheet.

- Samples: Samples shall be submitted for each item, and to be in its original form and quantity shall be sufficient.

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