​A Word for the Vendors

We, at the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, seek to achieve the aspirations of our country and to reach to an advanced level that meets the aspirations of the beneficiaries.
In Logistics and Contracts Department, we work hard to reach and select excellent vendors to work together in order to serve our common interests and objectives that are in favor of the beneficiaries of the services provided in order to be in the ranks of the developed countries. Availability of cadres and unlimited support and unity of aims will ease difficulties and obstacles to make the dream come true.
We have hopes and aspirations, and with knowledge and work, nations rise. We pledge ourselves to work for the service of our religion and our nation. From this point of view, I address these words to my fellow vendors in general, to work together to reach what others have not reached yet.

Brigadier General. Sami bin Abdul Aziz Al Ajlan

Executive Director, Logistics and Contracts

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