​Rules and Regulations For Suppliers

Compliance with rules and regulations:

The Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs supplier shall comply with all rules and regulations as set out in procurement documents and agreements that are contract-related.


The supplier shall take into consideration the degree of concern of the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs to obtain the contracted services and / or goods at the level and method that ensure compliance with the best agreed upon quality standards and specifications. Therefore, the supplier is expected to prove the conformity of the contracted upon to quality requirements within the offers provided. This requirement is essential to construct a solid relationship.

Ethical practices at Work:

Each of the parties, NGHA represented by the Logistics and Contracts Management, and Suppliers, shall carry out their duties according to the highest standards of ethical conduct and comply with the requirements in all fields.

Integrity and corruption:

The Supplier shall commit to fighting corruption of all kinds and methods and prevent all forms of extortion, embezzlement and any other method that leads to illegal gain. In addition, the supplier must comply strictly with Government regulations and instructions represented by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha)

Employment & labor law:

The supplier must comply fully with the requirements and instructions of Ministry of Labor, when contracting with NGHA.

Business Principles:

The Supplier is obliged not to commit or engage in, or participate in conspiratorial tenders, discriminatory prices or practices contrary to the principles of government tenders.


The Supplier shall comply with strict confidentiality in all contractual and other cases and shall not disclose any information known through any type of contracting with the Health Affairs of Ministry of National Guard.

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