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Pulmonary Fellowship Training Program

The Pulmonary Fellowship Program at King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh is a fully accredited program by Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS).  Our subspecialty training program is designed to provide two years of advanced clinical training in the field of pulmonary medicine. Upon successful completion of the two years training program, fellows are eligible to sit for the SCFHS Board Examination in Pulmonary Medicine.

Trainees are given increasing responsibility as they progress through the program and demonstrate their expanding knowledge base and expertise in diagnosis and management of pulmonary diseases. They serve as leaders of the pulmonary team, which consists of the fellow, internal medicine residents and medical students, with consultant supervision. The trainee is exposed to extensive clinical training in outpatient and inpatient settings, plus didactic core curriculum lectures, journal clubs and case discussion. In addition, Trainees will have the opportunity to participate in a broad range of pulmonary clinics, including general pulmonary, Sleep, Tuberculosis, interstitial lung disease, Bronchiectasis, and pulmonary hypertension clinics.

Academic activities in the program:

Academic Half-day:

Academic Half-day Didactic lectures (Each Sunday from 1100 to 1230 hours) during the academic year, the trainees attend a mandatory academic half-day every week where core topics in pulmonary medicine are reviewed. Topics are covered on a rotating basis over the two-year fellowship and runs from September to June of each academic year. The core lecture series was developed to fulfill the education objectives as outlined in the Specialty Training Requirements.

Journal Club:

Journal club is held on a weekly basis (Each Tuesday from 1100 to 1230 hours).  Two fellows are assigned to review and critically appraise recent journal articles. The discussions at journal club are often centered around the validity of the study in the context of evidence-based medicine, the conclusions of the study, and its relevance to the improvement of our practice.

Chest Radiology Meeting:

Chest Radiology Meeting is a weekly (Each Wednesday from 1230 to 13:30 hours) multidisciplinary meeting that includes faculties from pulmonary, Critical care, thoracic radiology, and thoracic surgery. An interactive case-based discussion and review of recent clinical cases. These are often working rounds, including review of active cases, imaging findings and clinical decision-making and treatment options.

Clinical duties:

Depend on the number of fellow rotating in our service, but generally, the workload will be distributed among fellows as following:

  1. To cover inpatients service where the fellow will responsible about doing daily clinical round, managing all the cases under pulmonary service and, conduct teaching of the junior staff in consultation with pulmonary consultant. 
  2. Consultations:  The demand on pulmonary service is very high, average daily consultations is around 10-15 consolations.  The fellow usually is the first on call for consolation; he/she will distribute the work among junior staff (residents and interns) and will review all the case and discus all the cases with consultants
  3. Clinics: The clinics coverage will be distributed on monthly bases among all fellows. The fellow will have the chance to expose to general pulmonary and subspecialty clinics as well to different consultants. 
  4. Procedure: 
  • Bronchoscopy: Each fellow will be given the chance to perform all appropriate procedures under his consultant for all patients he taking care in the inpatient service, consultations or at OPC. They  also have the chance to benefit from all consultants skills and perform various bronchoscopy related procedures BAL, TBBx etc
  • Pleural aspiration, biopsy, etc
  • Sleep study hock up and scoring and interpretation – 
  • Interpretation of pulmonary function test/ pulmonary challenging test/ walking  pulse oximetry , and
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation procedures and protocol.

Admission to pulmonary fellowship training program:

Pulmonary fellowship program at KAMC is part of a combined fellowship program under SCFSH.

The admission to program require acceptance by scientific and organizing committee at SCFSH which interview all applicants applying for the fellowship through  SCFSH The second step after acceptance of the organizing and scientific committee, the candidate should guarantee sponsorship for his training.

The acceptance at KAMC- in the fellowship training mandate first acceptance by scientific and organizing committee at SCFSH and in addition it require acceptance by the pulmonary service and approval of Postgraduate Medical Education as per NGHA terms and condition. Which include make interview to all applicants and choosing the best candidate for sponsorship.

The program apply the terms and condition required by SCFSH. The fellows will be rotating among different hospitals recognized and accredited by SCFSH for pulmonary training.  The rotation and period for each fellow will be decided by pulmonary fellowship organizing and scientific committee.

Contact Us:

Abdullah  AlHarbi

Program Director

MC-1443l  King Abdulaziz Medical City-Riyadh, P.O. Box 22490, Riyadh.11426

M.T. Trish Lozad

Program Coordinator

MC-1443l  King Abdulaziz Medical City-Riyadh, P.O. Box 22490, Riyadh.11426

  • Phone: 00966-1-8011111 Ext:17597
  • Fax : 00966-1-8011111 Ext: 14229/14212
  • Email: LozadaM@ngha.med.sa
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